Calling all homeschooling mums: meet your Ipswich Laundry Lady

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Laundry Ipswich Brisbane: Mobile Wash & Iron Service

Laundry Lady offers local laundry services in Ipswich (wash and fold, ironing, pickup and delivery). Want to become a Laundry Lady and work from home? Join us!

Work, school, family, household chores. It can often feel overwhelming trying to juggle all of your commitments and extra-curricular activities, especially as time-poor parents.

Laundry Lady offers a flexible, home-based opportunity where you can pick your own work days and hours, and be your own boss. Plus, all the training and marketing is provided.

We chat with Ipswich Laundry Lady, Lauren, to find out more about how the additional income helps her family, and why home-schooling mums in particular should consider “giving it a go.”

Getting back into the workforce

Dipping your toes into the workforce after taking months, or even years, off can prove a bit daunting. 

The benefit of Laundry Lady is that you can start off slow, and customise your workload to fit your individual lifestyle and comfort zone.

“You still get that interaction with people, but it’s at a more gentle pace,” explains Lauren.

Lauren, who generously devoted her time to Meals on Wheels and other volunteer work before joining Laundry Lady, has always been one to ‘help people’ and get out and about in the community.

She says that the ad for Laundry Lady “just popped up” on Facebook one day, and she was immediately drawn in by the professional look of the website and friendly correspondence from the team.

“I always considered doing paid washing or ironing myself, but wasn’t up to doing all the groundwork,” she says of Laundry Lady’s existing social platforms, marketing strategy and award-winning online booking system.

“With the Laundry Lady, it was all there and ready to go! It really ticked all the boxes for me.”

A happy medium: hobbies & interests

We all have our interests and passions, but sometimes they can fall to the wayside when we’re trying to make ends meet, or struggling to find that extra bit of time in the day.

“Becoming a Laundry Lady has allowed me to pursue my other interests, like craft and sewing, and treat myself to morning teas and coffee with friends,” says Lauren.

“I started off slow [with the workload] and it has grown from there. It’s something that fits your lifestyle and you can control.”

In Lauren’s case, she started off part-time, which allowed her to continue with her volunteering, schooling responsibilities, and the administration component of her husband’s business.

As Lauren’s confidence continues to develop with her newfound freedom, she is using the marketing support from Laundry Lady to grow her own area.

“You can really tweak the role to suit yourself. You also find you have things in common with the people you meet – we all have washing to do!”

Lauren currently services Ipswich and surrounding areas, including homes and businesses in Springfield, Springfield Lakes, Amberley, Redbank Plains, Haigslie and Collingwood Park.

Homeschooling and you

The concept of homeschooling isn’t new, but it has certainly become more commonplace in everyday conversation, especially as many parents were given a taste during COVID-19 shutdowns.

Lauren, who has home-schooled her own children on-and-off over the years, says that Laundry Lady is an ideal opportunity for other women and men in her situation.

“There’s not a lot of financial support for those parents who choose to homeschool, and some of those families are single income parents. So, this is a good way to make some extra money.”

“I would encourage other mums and homeschooling mums to just give it a go – you don’t know what you’re capable of until you try.”

Mobile Laundry in Ipswich: Now it’s your chance!

Does choosing your hours and being in control of your workload sound appealing to you? Enjoy your lifestyle and extra income by joining the Laundry Lady team in 2021. 

Thanks to growing demand for quality wash and fold mobile laundry services, we are actively recruiting Laundry Ladies (and Lads) in the Sunshine Coast, Redland Bay/South Brisbane, Byron Bay, Melbourne and Sydney. 

Begin your fresh start today – find out more and apply online. Full training and ongoing support provided.