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Contractor Q&A: North Lakes go-getter takes us behind the scenes of Laundry Lady

Business ownership doesn’t have to mean long hours, less family time, or be a strain on the budget. In fact, it can be the exact opposite – allowing you to regain your work-life balance and financial independence.

Just ask North Lakes-based laundry contractor, Lauren, about her experience joining the award-winning Laundry Lady brand.

Finding a fresh start: kickstart your goals of business ownership

“What have I got to lose?”

That’s what Lauren asked herself when she first saw the recruitment ad for Laundry Lady on Seek.

“I was working full-time in a job where the work-life balance just wasn’t there,” she says of her career pre-Laundry Lady.

Like many busy working parents, Lauren admits she felt like she was “never seeing the kids” and often staying back each day, not to mention the early morning starts.

“I knew I needed something to change in order to rebalance the scales. I wanted to be there for my teenage kids’ study needs and extracurricular activities.”

That’s when the opportunity for Laundry Lady came along: ticking all the boxes of managing your own time, using your own equipment, and growing your business to suit your individual lifestyle.

“It was all very appealing, and my experience so far has been fantastic!”

Grow your earning potential with an established brand

Just four months on the job and Lauren has already built her schedule up to six days a week. The difference to a regular 9-5 is – it’s all on her terms!

Lauren’s clients include busy households, a physiotherapist, NDIS customers, uniforms for a steel fabrication business in North Brisbane, and corporate customers in North Lakes.

“If you’re wanting to manage your own time and run your own business, Laundry Lady is a really great option,” Lauren says.

“You have the ability to run your own show, but you’re also under the umbrella of a brand that’s already established.”

According to Lauren, it’s a “winning situation” where the marketing and bookings are all taken care of by Laundry Lady’s digital marketing, accounting, admin and head office team.

“You can do extra things – like letterbox drops and put flyers on community boards – but the existing digital and online marketing plays a huge role.”

Flexible schedule, work your own hours

What does a normal day look like for a Laundry Lady or Laundry Lad?

For Lauren, she completes the morning school run and then does her pickups across North Lakes, the wider Moreton Bay Region, and the Northern suburbs of Brisbane.

“I’m home by 10.30am, and then get started on the washing,” she says.

Ironing can be a big task, especially when you’re faced with a bulk load of corporate uniforms and collared shirts. 

But the experienced team of Laundry Ladies and Lads have it sorted.

“I set up my ironing board, get a coffee, put on Netflix or Stan and I’m good to go!”

Join the team – work from home opportunities for Laundry Ladies and Lads!

Lauren is not alone in her business journey with The Laundry Lady – hear from some of our other entrepreneurial go-getters over on the blog, or fill out the online application form now to discover your own work-life balance.

Laundry Lady is recruiting women and men across Australia who want to take control of their financial futures, work from home, and join our growing team of laundry contractors.

We get you the customers and take care of the marketing, while you provide a top customer experience for homes, businesses, NDIS participants and more!

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