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Laundry Lady puts focus on energy efficiency after scoring $25k government grant

National mobile laundry service, The Laundry Lady, is leading the way with power-saving practices after being successful in the Government’s latest Energy Efficiency Program.

The Laundry Lady, which has a team of independent contractors working Australia-wide, is one of only three Sunshine Coast-based businesses to receive a boost of up to $25,000.

Laundry Lady CEO, Susan Toft, says the funding will be used to assist the business’ remote team with their energy usage, including the running of washing machines and dryers.

“A number of our contractors will receive a Powersensor energy monitoring device pack to monitor the usage of their home appliances,” she explains.

“As our team of Laundry Ladies and Lads work from home using their own equipment, it’s an important step in not only identifying energy and cost-saving measures but gathering data to improve practices moving forward.”

Applications for the Queensland Government’s Energy Efficiency Grant were opened up to businesses earlier this year.

It is designed to support small businesses by increasing the uptake of energy-efficient technologies, assisting SMEs to manage their energy usage and costs, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

At Laundry Lady, contractors use steam station irons and heat pump dryers to complete their washing, drying and ironing jobs for customers – including residential, National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), and commercial clients.

Laundry Lady has a keen focus on energy efficiency and how technology can streamline processes, with CEO Susan Toft named a finalist in the Sustainability category of the Sunshine Coast Business Women’s Network Awards in 2022. 

The Laundry Lady also has its own, specially-formulated and locally manufactured laundry liquids which are plant-based and environmentally friendly.

Implementation of the Powersensor devices, which start at around $200 including App access, is yet another way Laundry Lady is doing its part to reduce carbon emissions.

“The Grant funding will go directly towards the purchase and implementation of Powersensor devices across our team of contractors,” Susan says, adding that contractors will nominate to be a recipient.

“The devices will provide real-time data and valuable insights, which will be used by both our contractors and Head Office team to help improve efficiencies across our national network.”