When will my laundry be picked up?

Go to Book Online, select your location and preferred Laundry Lady, and then you will see the available pickup timeslots in your area. Please note that this timeframes are an estimate only and the actual pickup time may vary by up to one hour. You are welcome to leave your laundry at the door if you feel it is safe to do so.

When will I get my laundry back?

Normally your laundry will be returned the following day at roughly the same time as it was picked up. This may vary if you have a considerably large load, or if collected on a Saturday (Saturday pickups will be returned on Monday). If you need something different, just indicate in the Notes section when you book online and we will try to accommodate.

How much fits into one load of washing? 

One load of washing is approximately 5kgs (weighed when dry) or a standard size washing basket. This will vary depending on the volume of the item – for example of king size doona might be thick and bulky but still lightweight, we count based on what will fit inside a 5kg machine.

How much is the service? 

Check out our pricing page for a calculator to help you work out your costs.

How do I pay? 

After we have collected your laundry we will count and weigh the items and then email you an invoice to pay online by credit card/debit card. We do not accept cash payments.

Can I drop it to you? 

No, our service difference is that we come and collect your laundry from you, and return it to you, to help make your life easy!

Can I book over the phone? 

We do prefer that all bookings are made online wherever possible to ensure that details are entered correctly, and our laundry lady contractors know as soon as possible where and when they are needed. You’ll find all the details you need in the online booking process and you can add any special requests in the notes section. If you are having technical issues then email us at info@thelaundrylady.com.au

I’ve never had my laundry done before, how much will it cost me? 

We have an easy to use pricing calculator online where you can enter the number of items you have to get an instant quote calculation. Our minimum charge is $44 per pickup service. Once we collect we will count/weigh the items and send you an online invoice for payment.

How much notice do I need to give you? 

We prefer if your booking is confirmed the day before you need a pickup so we can organise our schedule. The online booking timeslots will close 3 hours prior. If you need something more urgently email us at info@thelaundrylady.com.au and we will see what we can do to help.

I need a regular booking. 

Great! Just indicate frequency you would like in the notes section and we can turn your booking into a recurring booking.

I’m not happy with the service I got. 

Oh no! We hope that doesn’t happen, but if it does we want to know about it. Email us at info@thelaundrylady.com.au and we will try and sort it out for you.

My laundry lady is awesome. 

YAY! We love to hear that. Make sure you tell us all about it at info@thelaundrylady.com.au.

Where are you located? 

We operate in Melbourne, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and Cairns. We have local Laundry Lady and Lads covering these areas who all work from their own homes, and are professionally trained, police checked and insured.

Can you come and do the laundry at my home? 

No sorry, we can’t offer that service within our current schedules. Rest assured that we take great care of your clothes and return them in garment bag protectors to ensure they stay clean during delivery.

I own a holiday rental / Airbnb, can you provide laundry services? 

Yes we can! You will still need to book online for your service and standard pricing applies. If you have any questions you can note these in your booking notes or contact us at info@thelaundrylady.com.au with your questions.

I own a business that needs laundry service, can you help?: 

Yes we certainly can. We service a large range of massage salons, beauty salons, hairdressers, cafes, restaurants, yoga studios, medical centres, real estate agents, holiday rentals, AirBNBs, sports teams, worksites with uniforms and many other types of businesses. We specialise in linen and towel wash dry and fold service. Contact us at info@thelaundrylady.com.au and let us know what you need.

I’m here on holidays, can you pickup laundry from my hotel? 

Yes absolutely! We regularly pickup laundry from guest staying in hotels. You’ll find our pricing is very competitive compared to hotel pricing, and we can collect and return your laundry directly to the concierge so you don’t have to wait around for us. Who wants to do laundry while you are on holidays anyway?!

Do you do dry-cleaning or other specialist services? 

No sorry, we operate from our own homes using domestic equipment. We can not provide heavy duty industrial style cleaning or dry cleaning services which uses chemicals. We can only provide regular washing. We normally wash in cold wash, but if your laundry requires extra attention we can hot wash on request and add extra spin cycles or bleach treatments where necessary, for example for a salon.

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