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Melbourne Laundry Lad shares his ironing tips and experience

Laundry Lad - Melbourne

Working from home, and independently, is a possibility that has been attracting people from different backgrounds in Australia. No matter if you are a busy mum or dad, a carer of children or elderly parents, someone who likes to work for yourself or a person who’s been tired of a 9-5 work routine. At The Laundry Lady, we have contractors who identify with these profiles and their lives have been changing as Laundry Ladies and Lads. Just like Jacob, a skilled Laundry Lad.

Jacob lives in Melbourne with his family and he was looking for a second income to fit his lifestyle when we first heard about The Laundry Lady. Learning more details about how the opportunity could provide him with flexibility and convenience was a motivation factor to give it a chance.

Since that moment, he’s been taking a load off busy families’ minds and getting a lot of experience with ironing as well, delivering excellence and professionalism to our customers. 

Would you like to know more details about Jacob’s story and learn about his WFH experience? Read the interview below and get inspired by his ironing and organisation tips.

Laundry Lady: What attracted you to The Laundry Lady?

Jacob: With the rising cost of living, I needed a way to earn money as a second income that I could work around my current job and lifestyle. 

Also having the ability to earn as much as you want if you’re willing to put in the hours is great.

Laundry Lady: A bit about your family life and background

Jacob: My family consists of my hard working wife and our little Frenchie. Another reason for needing a second income is that my wife and I are going through our 5th cycle of In vitro fertilisation (IVF) which, if you didn’t know, is extremely expensive. So fingers crossed, our family will be plus one soon.

Laundry Lady: How the role fits around your lifestyle and how do you manage to do the laundry and the ironing during the week?

Jacob: It’s a little tight but I have my schedule set to a 5-7pm booking slot. When a customer books for that evening in the areas that I’ve selected specifically for me, I grab it from them after work and on the way home. I then invoice them, and complete the ironing after my dinner. Once I get quicker, I can usually complete a customer’s order between 1-2 hours which can generate you anywhere from $60 to $100 per hour which compared to my day job rate is massive. I then load up my van and head to bed.

This way, it’s in my van when I go to work the next day, and I drop it off after work, whilst picking up any new orders. Once you get into a cycle like that, it becomes really easy and a great second earner. 

If you go above and beyond and really make the effort, you’ll find a lot of the customers will become weekly or fortnightly regulars. 

Laundry Lady: Advice for how you’ve been dealing with your ironing jobs and what you usually like to do while you’re ironing a big amount of clothes

Jacob:  ironing, it’s all done at home so I’m around my wife and it doesn’t cost a penny other than your time and re-ordering hangers once you get busier. 

I have a nice station set up in our study where I stick on a movie, sometimes pour a wine and crack on. Time flies and you’ll be shocked at how much profit you make once you get faster and more efficient.

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