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Pickup and delivery wash & fold for medical clinics and hospital inpatients – discover a better way with Laundry Lady

Discover Laundry Lady’s award-winning pickup and delivery laundry solutions tailored for hospital inpatients, medical clinics, physio, chiropractic clinics, wellness facilities and beyond.

Whether you’re a patient or a family member seeking support during a hospital stay or a medical business looking to streamline operations, Laundry Lady is here to assist you.

How it works for hospital inpatients & family members

If you are a short-term or long-term hospital inpatient, you can book laundry services for pickup from your hospital or medical facility Australia-wide.

This will vary slightly from a traditional residential pickup, as you may be on a ward and unable to meet the contractor for laundry collection. We are here to help answer your questions.

How to book – To book, head to the Laundry Lady homepage, enter your suburb, and select from available pickup dates and times. 

I need a same-day service – Laundry Lady offers a standard 24-hour turnaround on laundry services. Same-day services may be available in your area. If you require a same-day laundry service, please note this on your online booking. 

Arranging pickup & delivery location – You may need to speak with nursing staff or your family members/friends to arrange for your laundry to be picked up from a service desk or reception, or public parking dropoff area. The laundry would then be returned to the same location.

Easy online payments After your laundry has been collected, the Laundry Lady or lad will take the items home, weigh, count, and then issue a digital invoice. This can be paid online via credit card. We have varied payment terms for NDIS customers and businesses.

Claiming Laundry Lady services under the NDIS

As an NDIS registered service provider, we offer reliable laundry services for NDIS customers.

If you’re eligible for NDIS services, you can use our easy online booking to have your laundry picked up from your doorstep, or from your stay in a hospital or medical facility.

We provide invoices that you can send to your Plan Manager for payment, or we can send them directly if you provide their details.

Our services are covered under the Household Tasks registrations group, with item number 01_021_0120_1_1 – Linen Service. Please ensure this item is listed in your NDIS Plan to claim under NDIS.


Wash, fold and ironing services for medical clinics, physio and chiro

Our services are perfect for medical practices as we can cater for small to medium loads of laundry. You also can set up a recurring booking, to ease the burden with the day-to-day running of your business.

Customers include: hospitals, day surgery, chiropractors, physio, rehabilitation centres, dental surgery, cosmetic/injectable clinics, dermatology clinics etc.

For more information on our medical clinic services – including the washing and ironing of patient gowns, bed linens, towels, lab coats and scrubs, table covers, uniforms and more – please see our Services Page.

Ready to make a booking? 

If you or a family member are staying at the hospital and need your clothing washed OR you are a business in the medical field that needs assistance with your laundry needs, we can help. Head over to our bookings page now to select a pickup date and time.