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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

1- The Terms will apply to any order that Laundry Lady accepts from you via its website, phone, text or by email. Laundry Lady may change the Terms from time to time and it is the latest version published on our website which will apply to your order.

2- Submission of a booking through Laundry Lady’s online ordering system will receive a written confirmation of its acceptance of your order and contact information.

3- You can cancel your order any time up to 3 hours before Laundry Lady collects your laundry. Cancelling your order less than 3 hours before a collection will incur a $12.50 administration charge.

4- Laundry Lady may cancel your order if:
there is an intervening event outside its control; or
you fail to make items available for collection; or
it considers any item does not correspond with your order, is damaged, has no information about its content or cleaning instructions or does not fall within items it accepts.

5- Laundry Lady will use reasonable endeavours to pick-up and deliver items at the times specified in your order but does not warrant that it will do so.

6- An invoice will be emailed to you once your laundry is completed and Laundry Lady will deliver your laundry once you have paid the invoice. Laundry Lady reserves the right to withhold your laundry until payment is received in full.

7- Current pricing is outlined on the website pricing calculator. Your items will be counted or weighed after collection. There is a minimum service fee of $60 per pickup.

8- Payment is accepted by Credit Card or Debit Card via the online payment link in the invoice. A 2.3% merchant fee is added to all invoices. Alternative payment options may attract an administration fee.

9- If you fail to accept delivery of items at an agreed time, a redelivery fee of $12.50 will be charged to you. If you fail to accept delivery of an item for more than 60 days after the invoice date, you will be deemed to have abandoned the item and Laundry Lady may dispose of it in its sole discretion.

10- You may arrange to have an item left in a safe place, collected from, or re-delivered to, a third party, but do so at your own risk. You may, by written instruction to Laundry Lady, request it to leave an item in an agreed location without signing for delivery and Laundry Lady will not be liable to you for any damage to or loss of the item after it is delivered.

11- If something goes wrong with your item whilst in Laundry Lady’s care and it proves to be due to the fault of Laundry Lady, it will refund your money for the laundry service of that item, however Laundry Lady accepts no responsibility for items that are damaged or lost in the normal course of the laundry process.

12- Laundry Lady accepts no responsibility for any item that is lost or damaged in the laundry process due to your failure to remove paper, tissues, pins, jewellery, coins, keys, pens, amongst others, from the item.

13- Laundry Lady uses a cold washing laundry process and machine drying process (unless otherwise requested). It will endeavour to separate the items into lights and darks but accept no responsibility if there is any bleeding or colour transfer during the laundry process.

14- Laundry Lady’s service is not no liable for any loss of profit, loss of business, business interruption or loss of business opportunity.

15- If an item requires special care, you must bring that to Laundry Lady’s attention. If you do not do so, Laundry Lady may wash the item according to its care label or normal laundry process if there is no care label. You acknowledge and agree that any advice, recommendation, information or assistance that may be provided by Laundry Lady is provided in good faith and in reliance upon the accuracy and completeness of information provided by you.

16- Laundry Lady does not warrant that it will be able to remove all types of stains and will only provide a regular stain removal treatment if requested to do so.

17- By accepting payment of any sum after its due date, Laundry Lady does not waive its right either to require payments as they fall due or to suspend or end the Terms.

18- If you do not pay us any sum on the due date for payment, interest at the rate of 15% per annum will be charged on that amount.

19- You will be in default if you do not pay us when money is due for payment or fail to comply with any other obligation under these terms. You agree to pay on default all costs and expenses incurred by Laundry Lady in exercising the Terms and you indemnify Laundry Lady against any losses resulting from your failure to pay.

20- Laundry Lady is a registered NDIS Provider. If you are claiming under NDIS, you must provide your NDIS number at time of booking. Our services are claimable under Household Tasks registration group under item number: 01_021_0120_1_1 – Linen Service. You must have this item number listed in your plan to claim under NDIS. If you do not have this code included in your plan, you will be liable for the costs of the service at your own expense. Laundry Lady cannot include any other line item or codes in your invoice. You must keep us informed of any changes to your plan that may affect payment including removal of this code, reaching your spend limit for this code, change in plan manager or support coordinator details.

21- When a dispute arises, you must notify Laundry Lady of the dispute by giving written notice specifying the nature of the dispute, the outcome sought and the action believed necessary under the circumstances that will assist in settling the dispute. Each party will then in good faith attempt to resolve the dispute by negotiation.

22- Laundry Lady gives the consumer guarantees that are required under the Australian Consumer Law. However, all other terms, representations, warranties, guarantees and conditions that might otherwise be granted or implied by law are expressly excluded to the maximum extent permitted by law, unless agreed by Laundry Lady in writing.  Laundry Lady does not exclude, restrict or modify any liability that cannot be excluded, restricted or modified except to a limited extent, as between you and Laundry Lady.

23- We will use the personal information you provide to us to:

provide the laundry services;
process your payments; and
inform you about similar products or services that we provide, unless you indicate that you do not wish to receive such communications by clicking the “Unsubscribe‟ link at the bottom of any promotional email communication.

24- We will not give your personal data to any third party other than any service providers engaged by us.

25- We will not be liable or responsible for any failure to perform, or delay in performance of, any of our obligations under these Terms that are caused by an event outside our control.

26- The Terms constitute the entire agreement and understanding with Laundry Lady and supersede and extinguish any previous agreements.

27- Laundry Lady will not be deemed to have waived any right under the Terms unless it gives the waiver in writing.

28- Laundry Lady may assign and transfer any of its rights or obligations under the Terms without your consent.

29- Each of the clauses of the Terms operate separately. If any clauses are struck out by a court, the remaining clauses will remain of full force and effect.

30- These Terms are governed by Australian law and will be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Australian courts.

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