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Perth Mum takes care of her family and increases weekly income with a proven WFH success

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Raising three children, doing all of the chores and being able to increase weekly income can be really challenging for most Aussie mums (and dads). This was also the reality that one of our Laundry Ladies, Nyree, a Perth Mum, was experiencing herself.

Nyree lives in Perth and was struggling to find a work from home opportunity that could fit her family’s needs before she found out about Laundry Lady.

Since April 2023, Nyree has been hitting the ground running in the capital of Western Australia. She’s assisted both busy families and businesses with their laundry and ironing necessities.

Working on average three days a week, to fit her own personal schedule, Nyree was invited by our team to share a little more about her inspiring story.

Read the complete interview below to know how this WFH opportunity has been a game-changer for her.

Laundry Lady: What first attracted you to Laundry Lady? Also, share with us a little bit more about your family and your background.

Nyree: I saw an ad on Facebook advertising to join the team. At the time, I was actively wanting work, but I was held back due to my family commitments. We have three children, aged 5, 11 and 17.

The youngest two have special needs. The 11-year-old has Down Syndrome, Autism Spectrum, Disorder/Colostomy Bag, extreme intellectual delay with sensory processing disorder. He has a low immune system and gets sick very often, requiring me to be at home.

Our youngest is yet to be formally diagnosed with ASD, she has Global Development Delay, severe separation anxiety, which means that she gets very upset if she can’t see me. 

So, I was feeling stuck in a way, wanting to work but couldn’t leave our kids. My husband is FIFO (Fly-in fly-out), so I have to be at home for them. I looked into working nights, having my mum look after them, but that wouldn’t have worked because my little one senses if I go out without her.

This ad (Laundry Lady’s) was actually a moment of “Oh my God, I can work from home and still be there for my kids!”. So I applied straight away. I got through the interview and couldn’t wait to get started, however, I was on a waitlist for my particular area. I was so excited during the wait time because I had finally found something that I could do, whilst being there 100% for my kids.

Laundry Lady: Finding Laundry Lady has been…

Nyree: Life-changing! It has allowed me to be the mum my kids need me to be, but has also given me the independence I was searching for, not to mention having another income in these trying times!

I started with Laundry Lady on April 26th 2023. I decided to open the calendar six days a week initially. At that time, I had a few bookings, two or three per week and then within three months I had to drop a day as I was needing a day for the kids’ therapies because I was inundated sometimes with work!

I then dropped to three days – balance was at the forefront of mind. I love working, I love my job, but having special needs kids and working from home felt like I was always working if not for Laundry Lady but then straight into the kids. The three days have been great. I still get to go to assemblies, I can choose what days and times I work. It took a few months for us to adapt as a family but now we have the right balance.

Laundry Lady: How does the role fit around your lifestyle, and what you enjoy about where you live?

Nyree: The flexibility is something that most working mums and dads I’m sure would love to have. I have it and wouldn’t change it for anything. Laundry Lady and I are a match made in heaven! 😂 

I was sceptical initially about how many bookings I would get, but fast forward to today, I have had to turn Monday and Tuesday off as I am at capacity those days! It really has been a reliable source of income.The beauty of Laundry Lady is that I CAN always turn on another day if I want to! It is my choice!

Plus, I love being able to talk to different people. I really have the best clients!

I have lived in Perth my whole life, the weather is what I love most about living here and the beaches are so beautiful. I live 20 minutes from the city, 30 minutes from the beach and I can pretty much get to my clients houses within 25 minutes.

Laundry Lady: Advice for those thinking about coming on board?

Nyree: If I could offer any advice for those willing to come on board it would be: don’t wait, run! If you want flexibility, a good income or a secondary income, just go for it. There really is no catch! 

Don’t stress: bookings will come. Always communicate with your customers. If you have a question about the laundry, just ask them!

To close, I am thankful I found Laundry Lady. It has given me the freedom I was craving, and it has changed our lives for the better. Thank you to Susan and the whole team for giving this Mumma an opportunity I would never have got without Laundry Lady.

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