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Too many household tasks and not enough time? Easy-to-book services helping families regain a better quality of life

Time pressures and deadlines associated with daycare/school drop-offs and pick-ups have been the driving force behind ‘outsourcing’ trends in recent years.

From dog walking to meal prep subscriptions and mobile laundry services, more and more Australian families and individuals are turning to outsourcing as a way to get on top of their household tasks.

Figures from the Ruthven Institute’s household outsourcing report* show as much as $51,000 per year is being spent on chores and activities that were once DIY for the average family. 

According to the Ruthven Institute’s report, common services for outsourcing include health services (like home nursing or home massages), tourism and Uber, through to childcare, and cleaning and maintenance. 

In total, more than $500 billion is spent on outsourcing these chores in Australia annually.

Some Aussies spending 30 hours + a week on household chores

Just how much time are we spending on household chores each week?

According to Census data** 29% of Australia’s population is doing between 5-14 hours of unpaid domestic work per week, nearly 13% do 15 to 29 hours, while more than 9% are doing 30 hours or more. 

That’s a lot of time spent on meal preparation and cleanup; washing, ironing and managing clothes; gardening and yard work; and other home or car maintenance.

How you can save time, and outsource your washing, drying, folding and ironing

Booking an Uber or ordering takeout are all-too common practices these days. Now – you can add laundry services to your ‘time-saver’ list!

Laundry Lady is Australia’s fastest-growing mobile laundry service, and is now available to book in even more metro and regional locations country-wide.

Founded in 2012 and a raft of industry accolades now under its belt, Laundry Lady has a team of 110+ laundry contractors (Ladies and Lads) working from their own homes, using their own equipment.

“Outsourcing household tasks like the washing and ironing isn’t considered a ‘luxury expense’ for everyone,” explains Laundry Lady CEO Susan Toft.

“Many of our customers are NDIS clients, off-site property or Airbnb managers, sporting teams, corporate workers, or busy families and business owners,” she says.

“Having their laundry done on time, at an affordable price, and by a professional and trusted team is a necessity.

“We accommodate jobs of all sizes, and are here to make your next laundry service as stress-free as possible.”

Laundry Lady is a state finalist in Telstra’s Best of Business Awards (Outstanding Growth) and took out Trades & Services title (large business) at the 2022 Sunshine Coast Business Awards. 

With its national footprint growing weekly, Laundry Lady is now eyeing overseas markets like New Zealand.

HOW IT WORKSTo book a service with The Laundry Lady, head to the homepage, enter your suburb, and select from available pickup dates and times.

Your laundry will be collected from your door and returned the next day in Laundry Lady-branded laundry bags – easy!

Customers include busy families, businesses, sporting teams, event venues, property managers, holidaymakers, NDIS clients, aged care facilities and more.

*Figures from latest report issued in 2021

**Hours of unpaid domestic work, 2021 Census, released in 2022