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Laundry Lady In Sunshine Coast Palmview/Glenview

Laundry Lady manages the task of your laundry so that you don’t have to. Our easy to use, next day delivery service means that, whether it’s for commercial or home needs.

Laundry Lady are fully committed to delivering a dynamic, yet simple service that can adapt to your needs.  Sunshine Coast Palmview/Glenview, we will help you take the stress out of your laundry with our excellent next-day delivery and professional laundry service.

How Does It Work?

Our fully insured Laundry Ladies (or Lads) will collect your laundry from you in Sunshine Coast Palmview/Glenview, taking it home with them to wash, dry, iron, and fold, ensuring it’s ready to be returned to you as soon as the very next day ready for you to use or wear again.

Commercial or business customers such as real estate companies, kitchens, holiday rental companies and more can have their towels, sheets, linens, uniforms and other fabrics washed and finished. Laundry Lady also provide Airbnb properties with a specialised laundry service, washing bedding and doonas.

Laundry Lady’s super-convenient and super-reliable service in Sunshine Coast Palmview/Glenview has a reputation to hold on to, allowing you to stick your feet up knowing your laundry is being professionally handled. We’ve provided home and corporate customers as diverse as salons, medical centres, hotels and more with services such as washing clothes, linens, and uniforms or over four years. As well as this, our simple to use online booking feature makes it even easier to get your laundry done.

Commercial Laundry Service for Businesses

Laundry Lady’s Services Include:

Pickup and Delivery

Collection of your laundry is flexible and convenient, and your laundry will be returned to you as soon as the very next day.

Washing, Drying, Folding, Ironing

Our Laundry Ladies will professionally wash and dry your items, and your clothes and fabrics will be returned to you as good as new.

Linen, Towels and Sheets

Your doonas will be returned to you in a vacuum sealed, airtight package ready for you to store over the warm months. Our Laundry Ladies are happy to wash all fabrics, including towels, sheets and more, whether you a commercial or home customer.

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