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New look website with online booking


Welcome to the new look Laundry Lady website! 

You might not have heard about us yet, we’ve been around on the north and central parts of the Gold Coast for a few years now. We started this business for busy professionals and stressed out mums who need to find some more time in their week! I mean who couldn’t do with a few more hours in their day! And plenty of people hate ironing (not us we love it!) so its a perfect fit don’t you think?

If you have heard about us you might have dealt with Susan or Jacqui as we whisked away your laundry, bringing it back clean and crinkle free! Some people use us for washing, some for ironing and some people like us to take care of the lot. We’ve also been servicing loads of businesses who need weekly help so they can get back to their own businesses and not waste time washing towels or ironing sheets.

We are very excited to be bringing you this new website – you can think of it like the uber for laundry!! We have trained up a team of Laundry Ladies all over the Gold Coast, so we can bring our services to more of you in more places. At the moment we are concentrating on covering the Gold Coast, but we might just pop up in more places soon, watch this space!

For now, wherever you are on the GC, you’ll find a Laundry Lady close by who can help with your laundry. We will come to you to collect and bring it back to you – that’s part of our service!

And the best bit is that we now have online booking available. So you can jump online and book a pickup time that suits you. Return delivery will normally be the same time the next day (unless you need something different, just tell us on the booking page). Our online booking is easy on the mobile too!

Of course if you cant find what you are looking for or still have a few questions, just email us at info@thelaundrylady.com.au, we will be quick to get back to you.

Let us know your feedback about the new website too!!

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