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Interview with Brisbane Southside’s local Laundry Lady Joanna

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Laundry Service South Brisbane

Meet Joanna, your local Laundry Lady in South Brisbane! Budget friendly commercial and home laundromat, washing and ironing services!

If you are ever lucky enough to have your laundry picked up by Joanna, the first thing you will notice is her beautiful Irish accent.

A little about Joanna

Joanna has been with The Laundry Lady since September 2020, when like many other families, COVID-19 impacted their family. Prior to that Joanna was studying business and then saw a great opportunity with The Laundry Lady. This supermum juggles 5 kids (4 still at home) and a husband who works night shifts.

Why did she start as a Laundry Lady?

Joanna’s husband’s work was dramatically affected this year when his work was cut to the bare minimum. With little kids still at home, a traditional 9-5 job wasn’t an option for Joanna, so she started as a Laundry Lady.

What does she love about it?

The fact that it fits around her lifestyle is the biggest plus for Joanna. She can still do the school runs and be there for the kids, all while earning an income.

The other bonus is that, as Joanna says, the clients are already there. When she started up Joanna had 400 flyers made up to pass around to generate business – she has only used 10! All the hard work of finding customers was already done so Joanna just concentrates on doing the job at hand.

Love where you live

Joanna is situated in Brisbane’s southside (home of some of Brisbane’s best parks and playgrounds!) and is currently house hunting. She is so happy that her work and income won’t be affected by this – she can do house inspections and pack up their home without taking any time off or losing work.

Treating yourself

Joanna and her family have just come home from a weekend away at NRMA Treasure Island Holiday Resort on the Gold Coast, something that wouldn’t have been possible without her additional income. The kids loved it so much they didn’t want to come home!

Any advice for potential Laundry Ladies and Lads?

As Nike says, just do it! If you are even curious about it, give it a go. The best thing is that you hit the ground running as the clients are already there and waiting. Joanna knows that starting your own new business can involve high set up fees and a lot of marketing and promotion, whereas The Laundry Lady has done all of this already.

Want to earn an income to take your family away on some great holidays? Sign up as a Laundry Lady or Lad today!

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