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When flexibility gives you choice

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Recently I moved house (you may have seen my new office on Facebook). While it was a crazy time (moving as a single mum with kids!) I realised how lucky I am to have a job that gives me the flexibility to move when and where I want.

The back story is that I wasn’t keen on moving, but it had to happen, and in the middle of an insane real estate market (thanks COVID!). In a short space of time I needed to find a new house and pack up our lives.

A traditional job

If I was in a ‘traditional’ job, this would have been almost impossible. As a single mum, I would have had to find someone to look after the kids on the weekends while I house hunted. Alternatively, I would have had to bring them with me or taken time off work. Both of these options aren’t ideal, especially when you have to attend so many house inspections!

Nobody missed out

Instead, I was able to look for houses and do inspections when it suited me. I was able to go through and box up our lives while the kids were at school. And I didn’t miss out on any work because I was able to fit it around everything.

The kids didn’t miss out on time with me (something which is important to us and our lifestyle) and I didn’t get to miss out on helping with things like homework…which actually, I would have been happy to miss!

The real bonus was that we were able to move anywhere. This was amazing as we didn’t end up finding anything suitable in the area I was living and there was zero difference in my commute to work! It has actually worked out better, as the kids have bigger rooms, a bigger backyard and my office is a dream (with a new pink chair, office goals!!).

I even managed to unbox the new house and get things setup in record time, and be at home for the endless deliveries and tradies coming and going in this time! All while working from home.

If you’d like to know more about a job with flexibility like this, why not think about becoming a Laundry Lady or Lad.

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