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Laundry service a game-changer for job seekers

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Looking for a Job? Work from Home with Laundry Lady

In response to COVID-19, the Federal Government threw a lifeline to Australian families and businesses in the form of JobKeeper and JobSeeker payments, as well as pauses to eligible debts.

Come March 31, all this will be coming to an end.

In fact, the JobKeeper Payment rate changes which came into effect in early January 2021 will finish on March 29 – just a few weeks’ away. 

Despite calls to further prolong the payments, the extended eligibility for JobSeeker Payment and Youth Allowances for job seekers are also slated to wrap-up at the end of March.

Earlier this year, Prime Minister Scott Morrison described the upcoming changes as “appropriate” given the country is moving toward a more normal safety net arrangement post the height of COVID. 

This has been met by mixed opinion from a range of groups, including business organisations, economists and the local services sector, some of which have called for an increase to the unemployment benefit.

The question remains, what does this mean for those still affected by job cuts (most notably casual workers) and those looking for flexible work opportunities in an increasingly competitive job market?

Australia Home Business Opportunity: Laundry Lady bucks trend, puts more people into work

Mobile wash and fold service, The Laundry Lady – which was recognised for digital innovation at the AusMumpreneur Awards – is a home-grown business offering flexible opportunities for mums, dads, job seekers and everyone in between.

Laundry Lady CEO Susan says that the ‘new normal’ of working from home is a trend set to continue in 2021, as people increasingly seek a better work-life balance.

“Many of our contractors are mums, carers, and busy individuals who join us so they can fit their work around their life,” she says.

“We’re excited to be providing even more home-based opportunities for both women and men.”

Going for growth: a local business champion

Laundry Lady has gone from strength to strength since first launching onto the business scene in 2012, where it filled a gap in the domestic and small to mid-range commercial market.

It responded to COVID-19 by ramping up recruitment efforts across not only the Sunshine Coast and Queensland but interstate, achieving surprising growth in some of the hardest hit areas, like Melbourne.

By enforcing additional contactless policies and procedures, Laundry Lady was able to remain up and running.

“Our customers are given peace of mind by leaving their dirty laundry at the door,” Susan explains.

“A member of our professional team of contractors will then pick up the washing, and return it the next day freshly laundered and secured in one of our branded bags.”

It is this customer-focused approach and easy online booking system which has seen Laundry Lady cement itself as a rising star of Australian small business – with clients ranging from busy households, hairdressers and beauty salons to NDIS participants, sports teams, holiday rentals, Airbnb and more.

In the last six months alone, Laundry Lady has launched into brand new locations including Mackay, Geelong, Bendigo, the Mornington Peninsula, Melbourne’s South East and, more recently, Sydney. 

Closer to home, it has increased its service capacity in Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast, and the Moreton Bay Region. This is in addition to two more staff members in its Sunshine Coast-based Head Office.

Book your next service, or join the team – Work from Home in Australia

Learn more about the Laundry Lady success story and book your next service over on our website.  

If a better work-life balance and flexible hours sounds good to you, simply head to the Join the Team page and fill out the online application form. Full training, starter kit, and ongoing support is provided.

Are you a Job Seeker? Chat to your JobActive Coordinator or Provider to see if there are funding options or tool reimbursement to help you get into work and get the equipment you need to become a Laundry Lady or Lad.

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