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It Takes a Village changes the way we give back: how more people can now access Laundry Lady wash and fold services

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Mobile Wash & Fold Laundry Services at “It Takes a Village”

When it comes to raising children, not to mention dealing with sickness, grief, job losses or other unexpected life events, we all know that the old proverb rings true: It Takes a Village.

This is where one mum took the concept and created an accessible platform for families, friends and carers to assist in giving back to loved ones in a practical and helpful way. It’s fundraising – with a difference.

After watching family and friends go through tough times and noting how much they relied on donations of cooked meals and babysitting IOU’s, Fran Portet wondered what a 21st Century village would look like. 

“How could we make it easy to coordinate group support and help in a meaningful way?” she says of her initial spark of an idea. “And just like that, It Takes a Village was born.”

With over 15 years in marketing and media, a growing understanding of what constitutes ‘valuable support’ (it’s different for everyone) and a penchant for organising group gifts, Fran decided she could simplify the process of collective support-giving and gifting in one destination – Your Village.

With its list of online services (readily available to be purchased by the recipient) growing by the day, mobile laundry service The Laundry Lady jumped at the opportunity to join in.

Laundry Gift Vouchers – Give the gift of help with It Takes a Village

“We are a mobile laundry service that comes direct to the home or business,” explains Laundry Lady CEO, Susan Toft. “We pick up the laundry, offering a contactless service, and return freshly washed, dried and folded the next day.”

“Our team of contractors are experienced in assisting busy families, the elderly, and NDIS participants. Aligning our services with ‘It Takes a Village’ was a natural decision for the business.”

It Takes a Village offers an easy way to show support with gifts that are genuinely helpful (think cleaning or gardening services, babysitting or a nice hot meal). 

It’s all done with the added benefit of an easy, shareable donation link.

How it works: laundry services to hot meals

What is a ‘Village’? 

As outlined on the It Takes a Village website, a ‘village’ is a one-stop online shop for the recipient to redeem and use their voucher.

Why flexible spending?

The lucky person-in-need can choose to spend their gift voucher on absolutely anything from The Village. They can choose to spend a portion of their voucher on food, some on laundry services and some on babysitting. The flexibility and point of difference means that the recipient can tailor their purchases to suit their situation.

If you’d like to create a Village of helpful hands, or want to learn more about It Takes a Village, head to the official website.

laundry gift vouchers at it takes a village - wash and fold laundry coupons

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