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Aged Care Laundry Service

Our Laundry Ladies and Lads are happy to work with you to help take the stress out of all your washing, ironing and laundry service needs. Special requests? Please let us know.

We are a mobile laundry service offering you washing and ironing services for your home.

Are you or a family member living in an Aged Care facility, aged care respite, or need assistance with day-to-day or weekly laundry tasks at home?

If you are looking for a pickup & delivery, affordable and reliable wash, dry, fold and ironing service within assisted living facilities or home, The Laundry Lady can help!

Laundry Lady can assist you or a family member who:

  • Lives in an Aged Care facility, aged care respite, retirement village or independent living
  • Has been diagnosed with a medical condition and/or has reduced mobility and cannot complete home laundry tasks
  • Has experienced a change in family care arrangements or living arrangements
  • Has been admitted to hospital. 

Laundry Lady's aged care and senior home care living services include:

  • Pickup and delivery: next-day delivery of your laundry with flexible and convenient collection
  • Washing, drying, folding: Laundry Lady can wash your clothing, bed linen and towels with a professional wash and fold finish. If you have special requirements like allergy-free detergents, we can help with that too.
  • Ironing: We have experience in ironing all types of shirts, dresses, shorts, and other clothing, as well as bedlinen, sheets and more.
  • We can pick up direct from aged care respite, senior care living, hospitals, nursing homes, and home residences

Booking a wash, dry, fold and/or ironing service with The Laundry Lady is stress-free. Services (one-off or recurring) can also be booked remotely. This means you can book on behalf of a loved one in aged care respite or assisted living facilities, no matter where they live or if they are in a short-term hospital stay.

Simply head to our homepage, type in the suburb of where the service is needed, and select from available services and pickup times.

For additional assistance and information for senior home care living, hospitals or aged care, please contact the Customer Service Team via the contact form or on: info@thelaundrylady.com.au.

If you are an NDIS participant, have allocated funding, or are on a support care package, you can find more information on how we can assist you HERE.

To see our Covid Safe Plan (for where applicable) please see HERE.


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Our Services

Wash, dry, fold

We can wash and dry your dirty clothes, bedding linen, towels, tablecloths, and fold them neatly, ready to wear.


We will iron your business shirts, dresses, trousers or any other clothing that you don’t like to wear crumpled!

Pick up & delivery

We will pickup from your home or business or workplace, returning to delivery normally the next day.

Business needs

Hairdressers, sporting groups, real estates, holiday rentals, Airbnbs, caravan parks. Available for any business needs.

Home needs

School clothes, work clothes, everyday clothes. Available for any home needs.