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Home Care Laundry Service

Home care laundry service in Australia. Our Laundry Ladies and Lads are happy to work with you to help take the stress out of all your washing, ironing and laundry service needs. Special requests? Please let us know.

Trusted name in home care laundry service - Australia

Looking for a home care laundry service? We are a mobile laundry service offering you washing and ironing services for your home.

Are you or a family member living in an Aged Care facility, aged care respite, or need assistance with day-to-day or weekly laundry tasks at home? YES – I want to learn more and make a booking.

If you need home care laundry pickup & delivery, affordable and reliable wash, dry, fold and ironing service within assisted living facilities or home, The Laundry Lady can help!

Laundry Lady can assist you or a family member who:

  • Lives at home, aged care respite, retirement village or independent living
  • Has been diagnosed with a medical condition and/or has reduced mobility and cannot complete home laundry tasks
  • Has experienced a change in family care arrangements or living arrangements
  • Requires service plan for home care laundry services in Australia.

Take a load off your mind:

For individuals with mobility issues or disabilities, doing laundry can be challenging or even impossible. Laundry Lady is here to help take a load off your mind. Home care laundry services with us ensure that individuals have access to clean clothes and linens without having to struggle with the physical demands of laundry tasks.

What home care laundry service means for you with The Laundry Lady:

  • Customised service – wash, dry, fold and/or iron
  • Set up a recurring booking
  • Service Plans available – Plus NDIS
  • 24-hour turnaround
  • Even more locations Australia-wide.