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Laundry Lady Donna – Brisbane Northside

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Laundry Service Brisbane Northside

Meet Donna, your local Laundry Lady in Brisbane Northside! Affordable commercial and home laundry services! If you’re looking for a flexible job, join us today!

Donna joined The Laundry Lady in early 2020 (in the middle of the COVID pandemic!) after losing everything to the NSW bushfires. She is an incredibly strong woman who is going from strength to strength since this time.

A little about Donna

Donna moved up to Brisbane with her kids and was living with her sister while trying to comprehend that her life had changed forever. In a previous life she had been a nurse and then became a restaurant and café owner in Merimbula NSW.

The bushfires threw Donna a curveball and now Griffin, Queensland in Brisbane’s Moreton Bay region is where she calls home.

Why The Laundry Lady?

Flexibility. That is the thing that Donna loves the most as she can work whenever she likes. Being a nurse means that she is used to shift work, so being able to work through the night suits her down to the ground. She often puts the washing on in the morning, has a sleep, and then irons through the night.

Donna also loves that she can be so independent. While she loves chatting to customers when she picks up their laundry, she is also a homebody and is happiest at home with her kids. The job is a great mix for her.

When Donna was feeling like she was too busy with clients, she simply changed her availability for a little less work for a short while. Then when she was ready, she was back to being full steam ahead looking after 3-4+ clients a day. This flexibility is so important to her lifestyle.

Any advice for someone wanting to start as a Laundry Lady?

This is a great job, especially for someone with young kids who is looking to supplement or replace their income. The flexibility means that it works around family life and allows everyone to have the ability to contribute to the family income.

Something you didn’t know about Donna

Donna is a historical movie buff! She loves Jayne Ayre, Gone with the Wind and basically any movie with a historical element. Her favourite thing is to put on a movie and do her ironing.

What is Donna looking forward to?

A weeks holiday! Working as a Laundry Lady has allowed Donna to set up a new life and soon she hopes to be able to go on a week’s holiday on her own and just relax.

Donna is an inspiration and we are so happy to have her as part of the team! If you are looking to have flexibility like this, then why not become a Laundry Lady or Lad.

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