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Contractor Q&A: North Lakes go-getter takes us behind the scenes of Laundry Lady

Business ownership doesn’t have to mean long hours, less family time, or be a strain on the budget. In fact, it can be the exact opposite – allowing you to regain your work-life balance and financial independence.

Just ask North Lakes-based laundry contractor, Lauren, about her experience joining the award-winning Laundry Lady brand.

Finding a fresh start: kickstart your goals of business ownership

“What have I got to lose?”

That’s what Lauren asked herself when she first saw the recruitment ad for Laundry Lady on Seek.

“I was working full-time in a job where the work-life balance just wasn’t there,” she says of her career pre-Laundry Lady.

Like many busy working parents, Lauren admits she felt like she was “never seeing the kids” and often staying back each day, not to mention the early morning starts.

“I knew I needed something to change in order to rebalance the scales. I wanted to be there for my teenage kids’ study needs and extracurricular activities.”

That’s when the opportunity for Laundry Lady came along: ticking all the boxes of managing your own time, using your own equipment, and growing your business to suit your individual lifestyle.

“It was all very appealing, and my experience so far has been fantastic!”

Grow your earning potential with an established brand

Just four months on the job and Lauren has already built her schedule up to six days a week. The difference to a regular 9-5 is – it’s all on her terms!

Lauren’s clients include busy households, a physiotherapist, NDIS customers, uniforms for a steel fabrication business in North Brisbane, and corporate customers in North Lakes.

“If you’re wanting to manage your own time and run your own business, Laundry Lady is a really great option,” Lauren says.

“You have the ability to run your own show, but you’re also under the umbrella of a brand that’s already established.”

According to Lauren, it’s a “winning situation” where the marketing and bookings are all taken care of by Laundry Lady’s digital marketing, accounting, admin and head office team.

“You can do extra things – like letterbox drops and put flyers on community boards – but the existing digital and online marketing plays a huge role.”

Flexible schedule, work your own hours

What does a normal day look like for a Laundry Lady or Laundry Lad?

For Lauren, she completes the morning school run and then does her pickups across North Lakes, the wider Moreton Bay Region, and the Northern suburbs of Brisbane.

“I’m home by 10.30am, and then get started on the washing,” she says.

Ironing can be a big task, especially when you’re faced with a bulk load of corporate uniforms and collared shirts. 

But the experienced team of Laundry Ladies and Lads have it sorted.

“I set up my ironing board, get a coffee, put on Netflix or Stan and I’m good to go!”

Join the team – work from home opportunities for Laundry Ladies and Lads!

Lauren is not alone in her business journey with The Laundry Lady – hear from some of our other entrepreneurial go-getters over on the blog, or fill out the online application form now to discover your own work-life balance.

Laundry Lady is recruiting women and men across Australia who want to take control of their financial futures, work from home, and join our growing team of laundry contractors.

We get you the customers and take care of the marketing, while you provide a top customer experience for homes, businesses, NDIS participants and more!

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Laundry Lads get the job done

Laundry Business Opportunities for Stay-at-Home Dads in Australia

We may be The Laundry Lady by name, but our team includes a number of amazing Laundry Lads plus husband and wife teams!

In the last month alone, Laundry Lady has recruited three Laundry Lads, ready to help with your wash and fold needs in all new areas of Victoria, along with a husband and wife team on the Sunshine Coast.

“Laundry Lady is seeing an increasing number of men register their interest in joining our team,” explains CEO, Susan.

Tradies, students, IT workers, insurance workers, stay at home dads, corporate workers and more – it’s a job for everyone.

“Flexible work days and hours, and the ability to work from home, is something that’s appealing to busy parents – both mums and dads – especially with the recent impacts and job losses of COVID.”

Self-starters from across Australia are turning to trusted names like The Laundry Lady to try their hand at small business ownership, and getting started couldn’t be easier.

Gold Coast husband and wife team proving there is such a thing as work-life balance

It’s not just the lifestyle that is proving a drawcard, it’s the long-term stability and huge earning potential which has seen some husbands join their wives as Laundry Lady and Lad teams.

Superstar Laundry Lady couple Tanya and Pat from Queensland’s Gold Coast certainly saw the benefits of doing laundry full-time.

“It started out at three days per week, and just grew from there,” says Tanya.

Tanya runs a tight ship when it comes to her home laundry – five washing machines, five dryers, two irons, and a custom-built ironing bench later.

“And that doesn’t even include my own personal washer and dryer!”

She says her husband, Patrick, is a bit of an innovator with their high-volume setup. 

“One day, he noticed I was struggling a bit with one of the baskets, so he made a trolley where the peg buckets can go on the side. We have a really great system here now.”

Wanting a less physical role, but still needing a reliable income, Patrick left his job as a plumber and officially joined Tanya (as a ‘Laundry Lad’ and business partner) in late 2020.

“He usually heads off one way and I go the other,” Tanya says of their morning routine. “But we really enjoy working together.”

You can read more about Tanya and Pat’s Laundry Lady (and Lad) journey, here.

Stay at home dad jobs & rise of the ‘Gig Economy’

According to website CXC Global, the dramatic rise of a flexible workforce and the ‘Gig Economy’ was one of the key things to emerge from 2020, and it’s something that is set to continue in 2021.

The popularity of such services combined with cuts to part-time work has seen more people turn to freelance work, opting for the independent contractor rather than the traditional employee route.

The shift to gig-style consulting jobs is evident in almost every known industry. Outside of technology, other job categories include: Marketers, Drivers (think Uber and food delivery) and Tradespeople.

Laundry Home Business for Dads in Australia

Tired of the 9-5? Seeking less physical work? Want to work from home on your own terms? Now is the time to start your side-hustle and join the award-winning Laundry Lady team.

Lads – this is your chance to roll up your sleeves and work in your local community. 

If you’d like to turn your washing machine into a money maker, and earn income with your iron, then it’s time to apply now.

For more details on how to become a Laundry Lad or Lady, head to our Join the Team page.

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Laundry Lady nominated for national business awards

Laundry Business Opportunities for Australian Mums in QLD, Victoria & NSW

Susan Toft, CEO of The Laundry Lady has been nominated for the 2021 AusMumpreneur Awards as it continues to bring its mobile laundry services to even more locations nationally. 

The AusMumpreneur Awards, presented by The AusMumpreneur Network, celebrate and recognise Australian Mums in business achieving outstanding success in areas such as business excellence, product development, customer service and digital innovation.

The Awards are designed to shine a light on the growing number of women who successfully balance motherhood and business in a way that suits their life and family. 

It can be challenging to be a successful business woman whilst raising a family, a struggle which prompted Susan to take the leap and launch her own venture.

“Like many new mums, the return to work after maternity leave sparked a major work-life balance crisis where I questioned how I was going to do it all – continue working in a busy corporate career and find the time to be the mum I wanted to be,” she says.

“I wanted to help other mums and dads struggling with the same work-life balance, by creating a flexible work from home business that could be replicated all over Australia.”  

Flexibility & lifestyle with Laundry Lady

The Laundry Lady is a mobile laundry service offering convenient washing and ironing pickup and delivery via an easy online booking platform. 

Started in 2012 and growing to more than 40 contractors in the past year, it now services a broad mix of residential and business customers in Queensland, Victoria and New South Wales..

Customers include busy families, retirees, National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) participants, beauty and massage salons, medical clinics, Airbnbs, hotels, hospitals and more. 

Start Your Own Laundry Business at Home!

Its team of independent contractors all work from their own homes, using their own cars and equipment. Many are mums who want a work from home business that they can do around their kids and family schedules. 

Susan offers some practical advice for others thinking about starting their own enterprise.

“Surround yourself with like-minded individuals who will connect you to knowledge, build your network and keep you motivated.

“Know the reason why you are starting the business. When things are tough, you’ll need to focus on this to keep you going.”

Find out more about the AusMumpreneur Awards on their official website

The winners of the 2021 AusMumpreneur Awards will be announced online in October.

laundry jobs for australian mums - AusMumpreneur Awards

Dynamo duo: Gold Coast husband and wife team up at Laundry Lady

Laundry Gold Coast

Mobile Washing, Ironing & Folding Services – Local Laundromat Gold Coast

Tanya and Patrick joined forces with the growing Laundry Lady team, and offer pick up/delivery laundry services in Gold Coast! Learn how you can join them!

The desire for a more flexible career along with long-term stability has seen Gold Coast couple Tanya and Patrick join forces as part of the growing Laundry Lady team!

We chat with Tanya about what prompted her ‘tree change’ to becoming her own boss, husband and wife teams, and what it’s like working side-by-side her Laundry Lad husband as a mobile contractor.

A golden opportunity

Tanya was first offered the “golden opportunity” to take over an established customer base in her home city around one year ago.

“It started out at three days per week, and just grew from there,” she explains. “It was meant to be a side gig, but is now full-time.”

Tanya runs a tight ship when it comes to her home laundry – five washing machines, five dryers, two irons, and a custom folding bench later.

“And that doesn’t even include my own personal washer and dryer!”

She says her husband, Patrick, is a bit of an innovator when it comes to their high-volume setup. 

“One day, he noticed I was struggling a bit with one of the baskets, so he made a trolley where the peg buckets can go on the side. We have a really great system here now.”

Wanting a less physical role, but still needing a reliable income, Patrick left his job as a plumber and officially joined Tanya (as a ‘Laundry Lad’ and business partner) in late 2020.

“He usually heads off one way and I go the other,” Tanya says of their morning routine. “But we really enjoy working together.”

The job that fits your lifestyle: pros of husband and wife work teams

“Absolutely fantastic!”

That’s what Tanya has to say about the flexible working conditions, business partnership, and family-oriented ideals of The Laundry Lady.

It’s far from a one-size-fits-all arrangement.

“Some people might want to come on board and earn some extra income in between school pick-ups and family commitments,” says Tanya.

“Others can turn it into a full-time opportunity – you can make it whatever you want it to be!”

Everyday clients

Laundry Lady has a diverse customer base, from NDIS participants and large families, through to busy corporate workers, holidaymakers, Airbnb, medical centres, and hairdressers.

What do all these customers have in common?

“They simply don’t have the time,” answers Tanya.

“When I first started as a Laundry Lady, the majority of the work was washing, while only about 30 percent was ironing,” she says. “Now, it’s about 50-50.” 

If you need help keeping on top of the weekly load (yes, even the ironing!), head to the Laundry Lady homepage and type in your suburb to see available dates and times.

Join the dream team!

If you’d like the security of a steady income, plus the opportunity to work alongside your partner (just like husband-and-wife team Tanya and Patrick), apply to become a Laundry Lady today!

We are actively recruiting in Queensland, Victoria, New South Wales, and right across Australia, with exciting plans for further expansion in 2021.

Husband and wife work and team opportunities now available with Laundry Lady. Home-based – find your work-life balance.   

mobile laundry service bendigo - local laundromat bendigo vic

Interview with Bendigo’s local Laundry Lady Katie

Mobile Laundry Service Bendigo

Meet Katie, local Laundry Lady in Bendigo! Budget friendly mobile laundry services: commercial and home laundromat, washing and ironing!

Katie is based in the beautiful city of Bendigo made famous for the discovery of gold.

Well, we think Katie is gold because she is the only Laundry Lady in Bendigo and that makes her a busy lady! Katie joined Laundry Lady in June during COVID-19 after wanting a change from Melbourne and to be closer to family. 

Work when it suits her

The thing Katie loves about being a Laundry Lady is that she can work when it suits her. Family comes first and she is able to not only be close to her mum and sisters, but be around for her kids as well.

Katie has been home schooling her kids during lockdown and having a flexible job has taken the pressure off worrying about when she can work. She is able to adjust her workload to match her lifestyle. When she needs to support her mum, she simply takes on a little less work for a while and when the kids are back at school, Katie is able to take on more. She usually tries to align her pickups with school time or schoolwork.

How does the money help? 

Bendigo is a beautiful heritage city located not too far outside Melbourne and is a breath of fresh air for many wanting to escape the city life. It has a temperate climate and an abundance of culture and things to do, which is great for families. 

After arriving in Bendigo Katie and her family built a new house to call home. Homes take work and Katie is currently adding a deck, and the additional income from being a Laundry Lady is helping with this.

How did she become a Laundry Lady?

Another Laundry Lady friend recommended the work to Katie so she gave it a go and found it was perfect for her.

Local Laundromat Service in Bendigo

If you are interested in running your own business, why not become a Laundry Lady today?

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Interview with Brisbane Southside’s local Laundry Lady Joanna

Laundry Service South Brisbane

Meet Joanna, your local Laundry Lady in South Brisbane! Budget friendly commercial and home laundromat, washing and ironing services!

If you are ever lucky enough to have your laundry picked up by Joanna, the first thing you will notice is her beautiful Irish accent.

A little about Joanna

Joanna has been with The Laundry Lady since September 2020, when like many other families, COVID-19 impacted their family. Prior to that Joanna was studying business and then saw a great opportunity with The Laundry Lady. This supermum juggles 5 kids (4 still at home) and a husband who works night shifts.

Why did she start as a Laundry Lady?

Joanna’s husband’s work was dramatically affected this year when his work was cut to the bare minimum. With little kids still at home, a traditional 9-5 job wasn’t an option for Joanna, so she started as a Laundry Lady.

What does she love about it?

The fact that it fits around her lifestyle is the biggest plus for Joanna. She can still do the school runs and be there for the kids, all while earning an income.

The other bonus is that, as Joanna says, the clients are already there. When she started up Joanna had 400 flyers made up to pass around to generate business – she has only used 10! All the hard work of finding customers was already done so Joanna just concentrates on doing the job at hand.

Love where you live

Joanna is situated in Brisbane’s southside (home of some of Brisbane’s best parks and playgrounds!) and is currently house hunting. She is so happy that her work and income won’t be affected by this – she can do house inspections and pack up their home without taking any time off or losing work.

Treating yourself

Joanna and her family have just come home from a weekend away at NRMA Treasure Island Holiday Resort on the Gold Coast, something that wouldn’t have been possible without her additional income. The kids loved it so much they didn’t want to come home!

Any advice for potential Laundry Ladies and Lads?

As Nike says, just do it! If you are even curious about it, give it a go. The best thing is that you hit the ground running as the clients are already there and waiting. Joanna knows that starting your own new business can involve high set up fees and a lot of marketing and promotion, whereas The Laundry Lady has done all of this already.

Want to earn an income to take your family away on some great holidays? Sign up as a Laundry Lady or Lad today!

Washing, Ironing & Laundromat Laundry Service South Brisbane

washing and ironing service - laundry service brisbane northside - laundromat near me

Laundry Lady Donna – Brisbane Northside

Laundry Service Brisbane Northside

Meet Donna, your local Laundry Lady in Brisbane Northside! Affordable commercial and home laundry services! If you’re looking for a flexible job, join us today!

Donna joined The Laundry Lady in early 2020 (in the middle of the COVID pandemic!) after losing everything to the NSW bushfires. She is an incredibly strong woman who is going from strength to strength since this time.

A little about Donna

Donna moved up to Brisbane with her kids and was living with her sister while trying to comprehend that her life had changed forever. In a previous life she had been a nurse and then became a restaurant and café owner in Merimbula NSW.

The bushfires threw Donna a curveball and now Griffin, Queensland in Brisbane’s Moreton Bay region is where she calls home.

Why The Laundry Lady?

Flexibility. That is the thing that Donna loves the most as she can work whenever she likes. Being a nurse means that she is used to shift work, so being able to work through the night suits her down to the ground. She often puts the washing on in the morning, has a sleep, and then irons through the night.

Donna also loves that she can be so independent. While she loves chatting to customers when she picks up their laundry, she is also a homebody and is happiest at home with her kids. The job is a great mix for her.

When Donna was feeling like she was too busy with clients, she simply changed her availability for a little less work for a short while. Then when she was ready, she was back to being full steam ahead looking after 3-4+ clients a day. This flexibility is so important to her lifestyle.

Any advice for someone wanting to start as a Laundry Lady?

This is a great job, especially for someone with young kids who is looking to supplement or replace their income. The flexibility means that it works around family life and allows everyone to have the ability to contribute to the family income.

Something you didn’t know about Donna

Donna is a historical movie buff! She loves Jayne Ayre, Gone with the Wind and basically any movie with a historical element. Her favourite thing is to put on a movie and do her ironing.

What is Donna looking forward to?

A weeks holiday! Working as a Laundry Lady has allowed Donna to set up a new life and soon she hopes to be able to go on a week’s holiday on her own and just relax.

Donna is an inspiration and we are so happy to have her as part of the team! If you are looking to have flexibility like this, then why not become a Laundry Lady or Lad.

Washing, Ironing & Laundromat Laundry Service Brisbane Northside